6 CE Hour Lomi Lomi Massage Basics

CE Institute LLC


This Hawaiian massage class teaches mostly the ancient temple style Lomi, with strokes from heel to head and back.  This class is the first 6 hours of the 12 CE hour Lomi Lomi Massage class.  There is very little time for hands-on practice which will have extra emphasis on using forearms, oil and long strokes.

Some brief history about Hawaii and lomi practice is offered, including reviewing Ahupua’a, Ho'oponopono, chanting and the Hawaiian heiau.

We will use bolsters, the face cradle and top/bottom sheets (draping is with full sheets instead of a towel).  Students should be comfortable fully undressing for practice.  Genitalia and breast tissue are covered with draping at all times; however, in prone position, 1/2 the body is exposed from head to heel for long body stroking (no gluteal cleveage or genitalia are exposed). 

    The students will practice and/or receive lomi lomi massage after the instructor demonstration with whatever time is left during this short 6 hour class.