Medical Concerns for Working with Seniors & Geriatrics @ IECSC Fort Lauderdale - October 22, 2018

CE Institute LLC


This one hour class will be presented at the IECSC Fort Lauderdale Trade Show on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 3 pm.  Show Attendees will need to register for the IECSC Medical Spa Track to attend this class.  You can click HERE to register for the IECSC Medical Spa Track.  

Use the following promotion code to receive $20 OFF your IECSC Medical Spa Track registration: TR18FL20CE 


In this one-hour lesson, we will briefly review the aging process, and the many considerations and accommodations that must be made for aging clients in the treatment room.  This is an evidence-based course which provides a lot of science and helpful recommendations for anyone working in a medspa, day spa, salon or massage practice. 

Attendees whom are present for the entire lesson will receive a Certificate of Attendance plus FL Cosmetology Licensees & FL LMTs will receive 1 FREE CE Hour Credit! 

FBOC License #PVD287.