Early Bird Extreme Savings 24 CE Hour Florida State Massage Therapist License Renewal Package

CE Institute


Package consists of: 12 Live CE Hours (your choice), 6 Mandatory Online CE Hours (Ethics, Medical Errors Prevention & Florida Laws/Rules) plus 6 Elective Online CE Hours.  The 6 CE Hours of Mandatory Classes (Ethics, Errors & Rules) are automatically added/included in the package!

LIVE Classes Must Be Completed in 2017 anytime after August 31st.  Online Classes will be available on September 1, 2017 (to count for a 2019 renewal).  All online classes must be completed within 30 days of access.  If you cannot complete your online training within 30 days, we do have other longer access options available for a greater price.

Please call us at 786-505-7001 or Email us at info@CeInstitute.com if you would like to make other/different class choices or more options than what is listed here! Thanks!