$695 UNLIMITED BASIC CE HOUR PACKAGE (Until July 31, 2019)

CE Institute LLC



Do you need to strengthen your skill level as a Massage Therapist?  Would you like to practice different modalities to avoid burn-out?  Could you earn additional income if you had more versatile skills or training?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this unlimited training package could be just for you!  

The $695 Unlimited Basic CE Hour Class Package Includes:

  • Over 150 Live Massage & Bodywork CE Classes.  Click HERE to view a Calendar of Live CE Classes (Our website calendar may load "slowly" because we offer so many classes.  Please be patient while each calendar page loads to view all of your options).  The 2019 CE Class Schedule will be posted in December 2018. 
  • All Online Massage & Bodywork E-book CE Classes
  • Licensed Facial Specialists, Full Specialists & Cosmetologists Can Also Enjoy ALL CE Institute LLC Cosmetology CE Classes (Live & Online) with this Unlimited Package
  • 1 Free 60 or 90 Min Massage per Month with the CE Institute Massage Therapy Apprentice when/if Available (must bring your own linens and lotions for free massage). Please note that the massage apprenticeship is a new program at CE Institute LLC - and that free apprentice massage may not always be available.

The "Unlimited" Basic Package Requires the Following Terms to Provide this Deeply Discounted Offer.  By Purchasing this $695 Unlimited Basic Training Package, the Purchaser Agrees to the Following:

  • Unlimited Basic CE Hour Package Students registrations can only register for class 1-week before class starts to ensure sufficient availability.  Unlimited training cannot be applied to classes that are 90%+ sold-out.  Larger classrooms cannot be rented for Unlimited Package student attendance. Most Classes are Offered 2-3+ Times per Year and are not 90%+ sold-out.
  • Tardy or Disruptive Attendance Will Not Be Tolerated.  Students who repeatedly signup for class and then No-Show, Show-up Tardy, Cancel with Late Notice or are Disruptive in Class or to General Business Operations will have their package terminated with NO refund.
  • Unlimited Basic Package Students will only be able to take each class one-time.  They may be able to repeat the same class depending on class availability, and if they have not exceeded 50 CE Hours of training with this Package. 
  • Unlimited Package Students will only receive 1 workbook per class subject.  If the student repeats the subject, then the student will need to use the same workbook as previously provided.  A 2nd workbook for the same/repeated subject can be provided for $25.  Only 1 CE Certificate per class will be issued, even if the student repeats the class as part of this training package.
  • There must be a minimum of 4 students in the class in order to hold it.  These 4 students cannot be part of any of the Unlimited CE Hour Programs.  
  • All of the CE Classes included in this Basic Package must be with Instructor Selena Belisle.  Selena teaches over 95% of CE Institute's Classes. Ayurvedic training is specifically excluded from this package.  All Live CE Class Training with this Package will be conducted at our Learning Center at 111 NE 1st Street, Miami, FL 33132.
  • Online CE Hour Testing is only available 2 days per month during peak months. Students in the Unlimited Basic Training Package are encouraged to download their E-books between testing periods.
  • This Package specifically excludes all Online CE Classes that are not in E-book format.  Please Click HERE for the $750 Unlimited PLUS Training Program which Includes ALL Online Video CE Hour Training and more.
  • This Program's Terms Can Be Altered, Modified or Changed at Any Time, With or Without Notice by CE Institute LLC for the Survival of the Program. 
  • This $695 Unlimited Basic Training Program is 1 Package per Person. All elements of this Package will no longer be available after July 31, 2019.  This Package is Nontransferable.
  • There are No Refunds Available Whatsoever for this Unlimited Basic Training Package.  This Package is Only Available at Select Times to a Limited Number of People and Cannot be Refunded for Any Reason.

We have been providing high quality CE Hours at low costs to Florida Licensees since 2012.  Our customer base has doubled in size every 2-years with each license renewal period.  This is a Limited Time Offer for a Limited Number of People.  Start your 5-Star Rated Industry Classes and Training TODAY!


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