6 CE Hour Oncology Bodywork & Lymphatic Drainage for Cancer Patients $95

CE Institute


This quick 6 CE Hour Bodywork Class is mostly "hands-on" for professionals who already have knowledge and experience in caring for cancer patients. Professionals who do not have this important experience should take our 12 CE Hour Oncology Education & Bodywork for Cancer Patients class which includes info about different types of cancer treatments, contraindications, etc.

Class includes an abbreviated lesson about the Lymphatic System and how to practice Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for Lymphedema (a common post-cancer treatment need). Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques are limited to the extremities (arms and/or legs).  We will also learn, practice and receive a "Sweet Session", which is a bodywork treatment that can be provided when "regular" massage is contraindicated - for all types of cancer clients including terminal and those fighting cancer.