6 CE Hour Advanced Face, Scalp & Neck Massage $95

CE Institute


In this wonderful 6 CE Hour Class, we will review:

  • different types and causes of headaches (and how to alleviate them via massage therapy)
  • facial lines/aging
  • trigger point therapy deep tissue and myofascial techniques within the neck and face
  • advanced massage therapy work designed to soothe the stomatognathic system
  • a quick review of the stomatognathic system (responsible for swallowing, breathing, speech and mastication functions plus BODY POSTURE)

There will be Instructor Demonstrations plus Practice & Receipt of the Following Work/Techniques on the face, scalp, decollote and anterior/posterior neck:

• Myofascial Scalp Work
• Decollete Wave
• Scissors
• Tapotement
• Fanning
• Cervical Snake
• Tracing & Stripping
• Pressing & Pinching
• Traction, Stretching & Pulling
• Effleurage & Petrissage of Face, Neck & Decollote

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