6 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue for Shoulders, Neck and Chest $95

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This 6 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue for Shoulders, Neck and Chest - Class Includes:

  • Work on Shoulders, Neck & Chest 
  • Instructor Demonstration & Guidance
  • Hands-On Practice & Receipt
  • Review of Deep Tissue Massage Studies & Research
  • Review of Deep Tissue Contraindications
  • Intensity Scale Instruction
  • Anatomical Review
  • Speed, Direction & Depth of Stroke Work Instruction

The Instructor will Review Contact Point Work with Your:

  • Dull Elbow
  • Pointy Elbow
  • Forearm/Ulnar Pressure
  • Supported Fist (2 Different types)
  • Fist with 1st Knuckles &/or 2nd Knuckles
  • Palm & Hand-over-Hand
  • Mother Hand
  • The use of thumbs to apply pressure is highly discouraged (and not allowed in this 6 hour portion of class)

The Advanced Techniques Practiced in this Class will Include:

  • Ischemic Compression
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Traction & Stretching
  • Stripping & Strumping
  • Extreme Myofascial Work

We will also review Advanced Deep Tissue Science & Research which shows (the following list are highly redacted/generalized abstracts):

  • Deep tissue massage significantly improves shoulder range of motion (2017)
  • Deep tissue massage can break down fibrotic tissues in Breast Cancer Survivors'Radiation-induced Fibrosis (2014)
  • Deep tissue massage helped improve chest wall function in idiopathic scoliosis (2009)

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