3 CE Hour Intro to Deep Tissue $50

CE Institute


Instructor Lecture of Deep Tissue Massage Studies and Research, Deep Tissue Contraindications, Intensity Scale, Anatomical Review, Speed, Direction plus Depth of Stroke Work and Review of Various Contact Points Which Might Include:
• Dull Elbow
• Pointy Elbow
• Forearm
• Free Fist
• Supported Fist (2)
• Mother Hand

Plus Instructor Demonstration of Advanced Deep Tissue Work that May Include:
• Ischemic Compression
• Neuromuscular Therapy
• Traction and Stretching
• Stripping and Strumping
• Cross Fiber Friction and $ Sign
• Skin Rolling (to prepare the tissue for deeper work) & Myofascial Work

There is not enough time to practice and receive this work in this short 3 CE Hour Class

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