18 CE Hour Heavenly Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork $275

CE Institute LLC


This Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork Class is strongly influenced by ancient temple practices.  The bodywork is performed with mostly forearms and long captivating strokes.  There are 2 sections this class.  In the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi section, you will be provided a brief lecture in:

  • Hawaii’s history, peace and hostility
  • Ahupua’a
  • Ho’oponono
  • Pule or prayer
  • Chanting
  • Hawaiian heiau
  • Hawaiian language
  • Aloha
  • Hawaiian culture and sharing
  • Lineage
  • Anatomy versus nature
  • Spirits
  • The sacredness of bone
  • Geographical isolation
  • Religious influence
  • Lack of standardization

In the lava lomi section, you will be provided a brief lecture in:

  • The history of using lave and stone for health purposes
  • Bodywork contraindications
  • Therapeutic effects of heated stone work
  • Lava stone classifications & categories
  • Supplies required for lava lomi application

There is instructor demonstration plus student practice and receipt of bodywork in addition to the theoretical powerpoint presentation.  We will use bolsters, the face cradle and top/bottom sheets (draping is with full sheets instead of a towel).  Students should be comfortable fully undressing for practice.  Genitalia and breast tissue are covered with draping at all times; however, in prone position, 1/2 the body is exposed from head to heel for long body stroking (no gluteal cleveage or genitalia are exposed).

The lomi strokes taught in this class include:

  • Prone: Short & Long Back Strokes
  • Prone: Hand & Forearm Strokes Heel to Head (and back)
  • Prone: Sole of Foot Forearm Stroking
  • Prone: Heel to Wrist Stroking (and back)
  • Supine:Face Work with Forearms
  • Supine: Wrist to Waste Stroking
  • Supine: Simultaneous Chest & Back Strokes
  • Supine: Abdominal Work (optional)
  • Supine: Simultaneous Anterior & Posterior Leg Strokes
  • Supine: Foot Work with Forearms

In the last few hours of class, we will combine the lomi strokes with lava stones to perform full body lava lomi.