12 CE Hour Japanese REIKI I & II - 2 Day Class

CE Institute LLC


This class is offered as a 1 Day or 2 Day Class.  Please Click HERE to view the 1 Day Class.

    Reiki is a gentle healing technique that channels energy through therapeutic touch.  The client often remains clothed for the session.

    In this authentic Japanese Reiki course, we will "smudge" then review the following theory with instructor lecture and powerpoint presentation:

    • Definition of Rei Ki
    • History of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and other sensei
    • Meditation
    • Explanation of attunement process
    • Energetical “conduit” process/no depletion
    • Healing Process
    • Chakras
    • Reiki ideals
    • How to use Reiki
    • When to use Reiki
    • Client intake process
    • Contraindications
    • How to prepare a treatment room for Reiki
    • Session enhancement techniques
    • Research and scientific studies of therapeutic effects
    • Self-treatment
    • Advanced Reiki discussions
    • Review of Reiki I & II Symbols

    After each theoretical lesson, we will have a Reiki Attunement (I & II) plus an instructor demonstration of all hand positions for a full body prone and supine Reiki session.  Student practice and receipt of Reiki Sessions will follow.  Students will be provided a practical hand-out so that they can perform full reiki sessions on their own after the completion of class.

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