12 CE Hour Package Online CE Courses

CE Institute

$19.95 $119.40

Please select a total of 12 CE Hours with the check boxes and then click the REGISTER button to proceed with payment and registration for courses.

After you register and pay for these courses, we will send you an email with a website address, username and password.  You will need this information to login review your course choices.  All of these course are in "E-book" format.  You can download the ebooks and keep them permanently.  You will have 15 days to review the course materials and take the online test once we email your login information.  Your online course/test access will expire after 15 days so it is IMPERATIVE that you start on your courses right away.  

This online CE Package with E-books is our least expensive.  WE HAVE MORE ONLINE COURSES & PACKAGE OPTIONS.  Please view our other courses and packages to find Power Point Presentations with Instructor Audio teaching theoretical lessons!  The more expensive packages allow students to view the course materials for a longer period of time (usually 30 days).  Thanks!

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