12 CE Hour Master Therapist Tools & Microtreatments $185

CE Institute


This is a "tricks of the trade" class to advance your skills for an elite service above and beyond "the normal".  Make your service SPECIAL and LUCRATIVE by adding a master skill level to your trade!

Class Includes a wide variety of a little bit of everything to expand your practice and keep your interest. Mini lectures, demos and hands-on practice with multiple modalities include: 

  • Adding Aromatherapy
  • Adding Hot Stones
  • Back, Hand & Foot Scrubs
  • Cupping Demo
  • Hot Ginger Compresses
  • Homemade Ice Packs
  • Hot Towel Service
  • Hydrocollator Packs
  • Ice Cup Treatment
  • Jostling, Rocking & Knocking
  • Mini Reflexology
  • Steaming Scrubs
  • Sweet Session™ (for contraindicated cases)
  • Topical Vasodilators
  • Advanced Scalp Massage and more.....


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