12 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue Workshop $185

CE Institute


Class Includes: Instructor Demonstration & Guidance with Hands-On Practice & Receipt of Advanced Deep Tissue Techniques over Select Areas of the Body.  Review of Deep Tissue Massage Studies and RCT’s, Deep Tissue Contraindications, Intensity Scale, Anatomical Review/Coloring Exercises, Speed, Direction plus Depth of Stroke Work and Review of Various Contact Points Which Might Include:
• Dull Elbow
• Pointy Elbow
• Forearm
• Free Fish
• Supported Fist (2)
• Mother Hand

Plus Instructo Demonstration, Practice & Receipt of Advanced Deep Tissue Work that May Include:
• Ischemic Compression
• Neuromuscular Therapy
• Traction and Stretching
• Stripping and Strumping
• Cross Fiber Friction and $ Sign
• Skin Rolling & Myofascial Work

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