12 CE Hour Aromatherapy Bodywork $185

CE Institute


This class is offered as 1 Day & 2 Day Class.  Click HERE for the 2 Day Class.

    Aromatherapy 12 CE Hour Class includes: Aromatherapy History, Extraction Methods, “Parts” of Plants Review, Sensitizations & Irritations Contraindications, Phototoxic Essential Oils, Essential Oil Physiology & Effects, Chemistry, Therapeutic Effects, Essential Oil Classifications, Categories, Top, Middle & Base Notes, Types of Use, Review/Smell 25+ Essential Oils, Synergy Oil Aromatherapy Blending Practical (massage oils, bath salts, body scrubs, etc.), instructor demonstration, practice and receipt with custom blended aromatherapy products including aromatherapy massage and aromatherapy scrubs.

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