12 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue Workshop $185

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All 12+ CE Hour Live Classes will receive a FREE 12 CE Hour Online Class which includes the mandatory FL License renewal courses: 2 CE Ethics, 2 CE Errors Prevention & 2 CE FL Laws + a 6 CE Elective in Geriatrics.  Please check your email for your online course login info after registration. You will have 1-week to earn your FREE Online CE Hours. Students who do not attend a 12+ CE Live Course can pay $19.95 for this Online Course.


This class is offered as a 1-Day or 2-Day Class.  Please click HERE for the 2-Day Advanced Deep Tissue Workshop.

This 12 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue Workshop provides instruction on how to apply elbow pressure to stretch and separate muscular tissues.  Our 12 hour workshop only addresses certain parts of the body.  Please call us at 786-505-7001 if there are specific body areas where you want to apply deep tissue, or sign-up for our 18 CE Hour Deep Tissue for Full Body or 24 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue Master to learn deep tissue techniques for the full body.

This 12 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue Workshop Includes:

  • Instructor Demonstration & Guidance
  • Students Hands-On Practice & Receipt
  • Review of Deep Tissue Massage Studies & Research
  • Review of Deep Tissue Contraindications
  • Intensity Scale Instruction
  • Speed, Direction & Depth of Stroke Work Instruction
  • Scientific Research which proves the Efficacy of Deep Tissue Practice

The Instructor will Review Contact Point Work with Your:

  • Dull Elbow
  • Pointy Elbow
  • Forearm/Ulnar Pressure
  • Supported Fist (2 Different types)
  • Fist with 1st Knuckles &/or 2nd Knuckles
  • Palm & Hand-over-Hand
  • Mother Hand
  • The use of thumbs to apply pressure is highly discouraged (and not allowed in this 6 hour portion of class)

The Advanced Techniques Practiced in this Class will Include:

  • Ischemic Compression
  • Stripping & Strumping
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Trigger Point Work
  • Myofascial Release
  • Elbows, elbows and more elbows

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