12 CE Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release $185

CE Institute


This course is available as a 2 DAY class. Please click HERE to view the 12 CE Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release 2 Day Class.

This 12 CE Hour Course identifies trigger points and myofascial restrictions, plus how to effectively work on both to restore function, increase range of motion and reduce pain. Students will also learn about the theories of the modalities, studies, research, historical stories and modality development.  Strokes taught include instructor demonstration of:

  • Skin Rolling
  • Alphabet-Stroking
  • Overall Myofascial Stretching
  • Trigger Point Pressure Application & Direction with therapist's:
    • Elbows
    • Knuckles
    • Thumbs
    • Fist

Students will be provided time to practice and receive this work on each other with instructor guidance and supervision.

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